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This is a hands-on introduction to UWE v1.9.

All pictures are made with MagicDraw and it's recommended to install the plugin MagicUWE, because it simplifies modelling steps with UWE. Look in the MagicUWE Reference, if you have questions about how to use the plugin.

What is UWE?

UWE is an object-oriented web engineering method based on UML, which is used for the specification of web applications.
Feel free to use every UML diagram type you know, because UWE is an extension of UML!
(more about UWE)

We want to introduce UWE and its typical models with an example of an address book for the web. But don't read it now; we want to develop everything in this tutorial!

Preparations for the address book example

Create a new Project in MagicDraw from the UWE Template.

In our address book example the user should be able to search in the address book and delete contacts from it. In addition, contacts can be created and updated and these changes might be saved.


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