MagicUWE - UWE Plugin for MagicDraw

A CASE Tool for Modelling Web Applications with MagicDraw.

MagicUWE Poster
MagicUWE Poster

The CASE tool MagicUWE has been developed for the computer aided design of Web applications using the UML-based Web Engineering (UWE) methodology. MagicUWE is built as a plugin for MagicDraw 18.0.

Please have a look at the MagicUWE-Reference and at the UWE-Tutorial (unfortunately both needs an update).
MagicUWE contains and uses the UWE Profile v3.0.

Please make sure that you have access to write into the MagicDraw folder and that you use Java 1.7.

You might use the installer:
java -jar MagicUWEvXXXInstaller.jar
(or double-click on the file in many operating systems): MagicUWE v1.5.0 (installer) (for MD 18.0)
md5sum: 7A7E165AE66BED9FD33888A9DCCD9EF0

If you prefer to use the MagicDraw Resource Manager, you can import the following zipfile:
MagicUWE v1.5.0 (zip) (for MD 18.0)
md5sum: 9F4A0C077091D0B6F3A9103D62FD8B66

Branch for the SDE with its plugins and toolchains:
MagicUWE4SDE v1.3.9 (installer) (for MD 17.0)
MagicUWE4SDE v1.3.9 (zip) (for MD 17.0)

(list of known bugs in MagicUWE)

Previous versions of MagicUWE.