UWE is a software engineering approach for the Web domain aiming to cover the whole life-cycle of Web application development. The key aspect that distinguish UWE is the reliance on standards.


Latest News

  • (18.06.2016) UWE Profile 3.0 released. It is based on the Secure Web Applications' Ontology SecWAO and allows modelers to document security-related requirements and design decisions.
  • (18.06.2016) MagicUWE 1.5.0 released for MagicDraw 18.0
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The main focus of the UWE approach is to provide a

  • UML-based domain specific modelling language that also includes security features,
  • model-driven methodology,
  • tool support for the systematic design, and
  • tool support for the (semi-)automatic generation of Web applications.

UWE's notation is defined as a "lightweight" extension of the Unified Modeling Language (UML) providing a so called UML Profile for the Web domain. Our current focus is on integrating web security features into UWE.

Furthermore, UWE provides tool support for the design of models, model consistency checks, and semi-automatic generation of Web systems. ArgoUWE (ArgoUML) and MagicUWE (MagicDraw) are plugins which support the notation of the UWE profile and transformations to assist the designer's work. For the semi-automatic generation of Web applications different approaches were implemented.