Related Projects

Research Projects


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The Network of Excellence on Engineering Secure Future Internet Software Services and Systems (NESSoS) aimed at constituting and integrating a long lasting research community on engineering secure software-based services and systems. In this context, the security features of UWE support the design of secure web applications.


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The aim of SENSORIA was to develop a novel comprehensive approach to the engineering of software systems for service-oriented architectures where foundational theories, techniques and methods are fully integrated in a pragmatic software engineering approach.

Network Initiative


MDWEnet is an initiative started by a group of MDWEnet logo researchers working on model-driven Web Engineering (MDWE). Its goal is to improve current practices and tools for the model-driven development of Web applications for better interoperability. The proposal is based on the strengths of current model-driven Web Engineering methods, and the existing experience and knowledge in the field.

The vision is, ultimately, to count on either one unified method based on the strengths of the different methods, and/or a set of individual models and tools with sets of interoperability bridges (transformations) between them that would allow their seamless integration for building Web applications.

Past project with Industry

S.CO LifeScience (expired)

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S.CO LifeScience is a young company involved in consulting, research services, as well as product development in the field of life sciences, with a special focus on cell biological topics and material science. The product S.CORE is a web-based system for automatic image analysis which offers a cost-efficient and powerful alternative to existing image analysis systems on the market. UWE was used in the reengineering project of this Web-based system.