Examples - UWE Website

This example models the website you are looking at right now. It demonstrates the modelling of a static but fairly complex website providing extensive information to the visitor. Also it allows you to easily compare the model to the final webpage.


UWE Models

This example was modelled with UWE Profile - v1.9 defined in the Magic Draw 17.0 CASE tool and is available as mdzip and emf.

Content Model

The content model of this example shows the different documents accessible on this website like examples and publications, the information to the presented tools and other available information.

UWE solution modelled with MagicDraw 

Navigation Model

Like the final website the model presented in the following diagram is build up around a navigation menu. This menu itself is divided into some submenus, which allow the visitor to open different types of information accessible here.

UWE solution modelled with MagicDraw

Process Model

Because this website is a static one, the process model is very simple. It contains only one process modelling the download of some content presented here.

UWE solution modelled with MagicDraw

UWE solution modelled with MagicDraw

Presentation Model

The presentation of this website consists of a subdivided navigation menu and a region presenting the selected information object. This is modelled by a group named MainMenu including all menu items and the class MainRegion including possible presentation groups, which are modelled on the right side of the below diagram.

UWE solution modelled with MagicDraw